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The Ox-brand Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is originated from the former Ox-brand Pharmacy Store. Since the establishment in 1905, Ox-brand has been well acknowledged by the pharmaceutical industry for products like eye ointment,and Eye Drops Digestives and stomachics. GMP Software Review passed.

For more than 40 years, we have been specializing in manufacturing a variety of ointment and have enjoyed an excellent reputation. Bailyfuns Cream that we offer are highly appreciated for their significant attributes such as longer service and efficiency.

Bailyfuns Cream for Allergic skin, Bacteria dermatitis; Folliculitis; Dermatitis seborrheica; Rouvax; Impetigo; Pustule, etc.

Categories  > ointment > Licence : DOH-PM-17634

Licence : DOH-PM-17634

Licence : DOH-PM-17634

Indication :

Allergic skin and neuro-dermatitis; Eczema; Dermatophytosis and candidiasis; Pruritus scrotum; Chronic limb dermatitis; Red versicolor; Herpes zoster; Eczema madidans; Contacted dermatitis; Bacteria dermatitis; Folliculitis; Dermatitis seborrheica; Rouvax; Impetigo; Pustule; Neurodermatitis; Occipital bone herpes zoster; Erythema solare; Esthiomene; Bacteria tinea pedis; Onychomycosis; tinea corporis

Composition :

Each gm contains:
Betamethasone (as 17-Valerate)..0.5mg
Gentamicin (as sulfate)................1.0mg

Package :


Dosage :

Applied thinly twice or three times per day. The period of treatment depends on the status of improvement. It takes 2-4 weeks to treat Bacteria tinea pedis.

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