Chiuann Feng Tarng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The Ox-brand Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is originated from the former Ox-brand Pharmacy Store. Since the establishment in 1905, Ox-brand has been well acknowledged by the pharmaceutical industry for products like eye ointment,and Eye Drops Digestives and stomachics. GMP Software Review passed.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Chiuann Feng Tarng Pharmaceutical Company Profile
Jul. 1975---pharmaceutical license obtained for producing medicines in forms of powder, capsule, ointment and eye drops...etc..
Sep. 1976---permited to produce anti-biotics in ointment, capsule, eye drops, external fluid, pellet and pill.
May 1982---planed to carry out GMP regulation as requested by the government.
Dec. 1982---submitted GMP Implementation Plan to the Sanitary Bureau.
Nov. 1986---draft of S.O.P. regulation completed and started GMP software application.
Feb. 1987---submitted GMP Hardware Plan and permission granted smoothly.
Apr. 1987---GMP Software Review passed.
Jun. 1990---pilot run for new products completed.
Dec. 1990---new products launched under GMP permited.
Jan. 1998---Purchase new site in Kuanyin, Taoyuan County for major expansion.
Jan. 2000---Began to build Kuanyin manufacturing plant.
Jan. 2001---Kuanyin manufacturing plant completed.
Oct. 2001---Kuanyin manufacturing plant successfully passed GMP software review by the Department of Health.
Feb. 2004---permited to manufacture health food product and cosmetic.

History of the Logo

The mark of Ox-brand is in use for nearly one century, it consists of a surrounding Chinese poem praising the hard working and contribution of farm cattle. The literary contents are rendered in English as following:

A sad story you should listen,

farm cattle are suffering the most.

We work hard in all season,

hardly can we enjoy a short rest.

So heavy the plough and harrow we load,

yet hit upon our shoulder countless whip.

Turning deaf to all the curses and bad words,

we bear shouts and orders, dare not stop.

Solid soil is hard to plow,

hungry stomach needs grass to stop my tears flow.

Expected early to be set free,

but the job proceed till the Sun over the tree.

Crop only some green rice leaves for hunger,

the whole family curse me a plagued beast.

Nothing but grass we eat year after year,

and you reap the abundant harvest.

Long-grain rice are husked for as staple food

and glutinous rice are brewed for friends and household.

As high-yield wheat, millet and cotton make you please',

also plentiful in field are sesame, beans and peas.

When it comes to hold wedding for your children,

you intend to sell me for more cash.

As my age get old and off my strength drain',

you would invite butcher to slice my flesh.

Why tie up my feet and cut my throat,

peel off my skin and flesh for no pre-hatred?

As the drum made from my skin cry under clout,

it rattles the universe and set the Spirits disheartened.

Oh! Thou shall soon be poor to sell me off.

Alas! A feud will never end if you take me as common beef.

Think it over and put yourself in my shoe,

reprisal breeds reprisal, that haunts forever me and you!

Writen by To-Cheng Tsay in Ox-brand
Translated into English by Philson Tang