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The Ox-brand Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is originated from the former Ox-brand Pharmacy Store. Since the establishment in 1905, Ox-brand has been well acknowledged by the pharmaceutical industry for products like eye ointment,and Eye Drops Digestives and stomachics. GMP Software Review passed.

Tablet Preparation Supplier

To be a tablet preparation Manufacturer, we produce San Qi Tablets, Niou Huang Jie Du Tablets, Jia Wei Xiao Yao Tablets and Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tablets

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Licence : DOH-PM-036050

San Qi Tablets

( Licence : DOH-PM-036050 )

Disperse extravasated blood; Relieving pains; Clearing away the internal heat; Injury and trauma; Chronic postpartum hemorrhage; Dizziness; Red eyes; Enterorrhagia; Metrorrhagia & menorrhagia

Licence : DOH-OM-4664

Niou Huang Jie Du Tablets

( Licence : DOH-OM-4664 )

Clearing away internal heat and removing the toxic materials; Eczema; Swelling and pains in throat, ear and nose; Infant's internal heat-evil; Impetigo; Carreau; Skin disease; Gums pain; Bitter mouth; Pharyngitis; Angular stomatitis and other related syndromes caused by internal heat

Licence : DOH-OM-009051

Jia Wei Xiao Yao Tablets

( Licence : DOH-OM-009051 )

Clear away liver-heat; Sedative; Alleviating mental depression;Promoting vital energy circulation; Nourishing blood; Spontaneous perspiration and hyperhidrosis; Headache and eye-dry; Red face and dry mouth caused asthenic fever; Menstrual disturbance; Dysmenorrhea; Ascites; Ardor urinae.

Licence : DOH-OM-009020

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tablets

( Licence : DOH-OM-009020 )

Fatigue; Thirst; Lack of appetite; Spleen-asthenia; General weakness and disorder of vital energy; Therapy after illness.

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