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The Ox-brand Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is originated from the former Ox-brand Pharmacy Store. Since the establishment in 1905, Ox-brand has been well acknowledged by the pharmaceutical industry for products like eye ointment,and Eye Drops Digestives and stomachics. GMP Software Review passed.

Ointment Supplier -- Bailyfuns Cream, Fluocinolone Cream, Mieh Jhy Ointment, Tomefn Cream, etc.

The world will keep changing. Chiuann Feng Tarng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will master these challenges making the changes easier. Our company offers a range of ointment, such as Baily S.P. Emugel, Weilisin In Orabase and Lyskinzine Ointment, that is high in quality at affordable prices.

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Licence : DOH-PM-17634

Bailyfuns Cream

( Licence : DOH-PM-17634 )

Allergic skin and neuro-dermatitis; Eczema; Dermatophytosis and candidiasis; Pruritus scrotum; Chronic limb dermatitis; Red versicolor; Herpes zoster; Eczema madidans; Contacted dermatitis; Bacteria dermatitis; Folliculitis; Dermatitis seborrheica; Rouvax; Impetigo; Pustule; Neurodermatitis; Occipital bone herpes zoster; Erythema solare; Esthiomene; Bacteria tinea pedis; Onychomycosis; tinea corporis

Licence : DOH-PM-13894

Fluocinolone Cream

( Licence : DOH-PM-13894 )

Acute and chronic eczemas; Infant eczema; Eczema seborrheica; Transfering eczema; Infective dermatitis; Pharmaceutical dermatitis; Dry tinea; Neurodermatitis; Skin pruritus; Lichen planus; Insect bite; Eczema otitis externa

Licence : DOH-PM-20673

Mieh Jhy Ointment

( Licence : DOH-PM-20673 )

Reducing inflammation; Deterring sarcoma; Contracting blood vessels; Preventing bleeding; Increasing cell metabolism; Analgesia; Relieving itching; Removing rotten flesh; Alleviating astringent; Esternal hemorrhoids; Fissure in anus; Anal fistula; Anal eczema; Anal itching; Dermatitis around anus; Kerion in anus; Bleeding hemorrhoids

Licence : DOH-PM-24351

Tomefn Cream

( Licence : DOH-PM-24351 )

Acute and chronic dermatitis; Black choasma in woman's face; Leucoma; Eczema; Dermatitis solare; Circular molt; Infective dermatitis; Dermatitis seborrheica; Skin itching; Allergic dermatitis and metastatic sclerodorma of palm and finger

Licence : DOH-PM-036048

Baily S.P. Emugel

( Licence : DOH-PM-036048 )

Osteoarthritis and chronic arthritis rheumatica; Transforming arthritis;Reducing inflammation caused by soft tissue arthritis

Licence : DOH-PM-035942

Weilisin In Orabase

( Licence : DOH-PM-035942 )

Ulcer stomatitis; Stomatitis caused by denture;Tongue stomatitis; Ulcer tongue; Angular stomatitis; Stomatitis mycotica;Mucous membrane lichen planus in oral caity

Licence : DOH-PM-039006

Lyskinzine Ointment

( Licence : DOH-PM-039006 )

Impetigos; Acute and chronic eczema; Infant sudamina; Insect bite; Sun burn; Fire burn.

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